The Phase. 7 Languages

Due to 7 languages a half of the human population has a chance to watch THE PHASE from the very beginning:

Chinese – 1.15 bln
English – 1 bln
Spanish – 0.5 bln
Arabic – 0.3 bln
Russian – 0.27 bln
Portuguese – 0.24 bln
Japanese – 0.13 bln
       Total 3.6 bln people (wiki)

(Documentary THE PHASE is going to be online on Feb 19th (on 7 languages). Be the first to watch at Wanna see earlier? We’ll send it to you a few days ahead, if you leave a feedback/review on your FB account or any other website. If interested, please, send an email to titled THE PHASE)

the PHASE 3 the PHASE 3-2 the PHASE 3-3

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