The One and Only Way to Meet with the Deceased

By using the technologies for finding objects in the astral plane, one will be able to meet with any person, whether still living or not. In practice, this practical application of the astral plane is mainly used to meet with deceased relatives, and not, for example, famous historical figures – the reasons why would be a topic for another discussion.

Naturally, nothing brings greater sorrow than death. Both one’s own death in the future and that of loved ones in the present. This is natural, since no one has managed to escape biological death as of yet. People are used to the idea of losing loved ones forever, and any idea of continuing to communicate with them is often dismissed as silly, paradoxical, and fantastic. Some believe in the resurrection of the dead or that souls are sometimes able to visit from beyond the grave. Nevertheless, due to the absence of any specific techniques that would make this accessible to everyone, there is nothing but skepticism among the masses on this issue. But is it all so hopeless? Is everyone’s belief that the loss occurs forever correct? And, if there is a specific method for achieving contact with a deceased person, then how to relate it to everything else in this life?

No-one is yet able to say exactly what kind of phenomenon the astral plane is, or what it’s true nature is. But one thing is known: it can be applied to many spheres of human existence, including to meeting with the deceased. This is possible, tested, and there are step-by-step technical instructions for doing so. Irrespective of whether you’re a materialist or pragmatist, it can be said without exaggeration that humanity loses a lot by not paying attention to the very real opportunity offered by the astral plane.

However, this is the only truly real opportunity to consciously and directly contact a deceased person, whether personally familiar or not – something that is often strongly yearned for, but has long seemed impossible. And everyone can experience this for himself. A student who applies the skills learned in this book will soon be able to once again meet with those whom he had never hoped to see again for the rest of his days. Is there anything comparable to this?

Moreover, a person met in the astral plane will be just as real in terms of sensory perception as he would be if encountered in the day-to-day world. Such people can be touched. One may converse with them, and hear the timbre of their voice. Family members can be hugged. Even their habitual perfume will be recognized… This is not imagination, nor some faint picture – this can be even more vivid than the world in front of you right now. Of course, the metaphysical nature of people encountered there is a discussion for another day. For some, it’s the actual souls of the departed. Some may not believe in the soul as such. People in the physical world look at the same things and see them differently. Should that situation be any simpler in the astral plane? Of course not. It is mainly for that reason that there’s no point at all in getting held up on this. The important thing is that this can be done. And even more importantly, there is no other way to do it. The algorithm (procedure) is simple: entering the astral plane, deepening, finding objects. And then just be brave enough…

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