The Future of Non-Autonomous Methods for Entering lucid dreaming

Even though no beneficial non-autonomous technologies currently exist, the future is wide open for them.

With the development of effective technologies, lucid dreaming will cease to be the exclusive domain of the initiated and become a widespread practice. Only then will the (sometimes justified) stereotypes and prejudices connected to the mystical nature of the phenomenon be dispelled, and only then will lucid dreaming gain the necessary attention from researchers needed to ably develop the science of lucid dreaming practice.

When externally applied methods that cause lucid dreaming entrance are discovered, the human experience will drastically change. Those technologies for inducing and monitoring lucid dreaming experiences will open up incredible possibilities. For example, it will be possible to participate in a movie instead of just watching it; people will be able to try and evaluate products without leaving home; travel throughout designed worlds will take place; computer games will be substituted with analogous experiences including real physical sensations.

The ultimate step would be the unification of lucid dreaming experiences into a collective, parallel world integrated to existent digital networks: the Matrix (the Mindnet). Using this Matrix, it will be possible to communicate with someone on the other side of the planet – not just through a broadband video link, but literally tête à tête.

This vision of the future is a drop in the ocean of possibilities that will open with lucid dreaming entrance technologies. The first step toward the future is a thorough, pragmatic, and correct application of the techniques now available.

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