The Four Principles of Success

Do It No Matter What. When performing lucid dreaming entrance and separation techniques, put your all into them and concentrate on them as if they were your life’s goal and mission. Chomp at the bit to leave your body.

Be Aggressive. Put all of your enthusiasm and desire into the techniques. The desire to get the techniques to work should be coupled with full aggression in achieving that result.

Be Self-Assured. During attempts, be as sure as possible of the results. When making attempts, lack of assuredness in yourself and the results will substantially lower your probability of lucid dreaming entrance. Nearly all lucid dreaming entrances are accompanied by self-assured thought like "I’m going to do it now", while unsuccessful attempts involve thinking "I guess I’ll try, but I doubt it’ll work".

Do it Robotically. Don’t think about anything when completing the technique procedure. You already have the instructions. Just carry them out, not matter what things may seem to you or what thoughts enter your mind. Robotically is also understood to mean exactly. The indirect technique procedure has been honed by work with thousands of practitioners all over the world, neglecting any detail isn’t worth it.

It Worked!

If you were successfully able to employ the indirect techniques and enter lucid dreaming at least 3 to 5 times, then you can gradually move on to the advanced textbook in order to flesh out your practice. Now you’re a man or woman of the future, and all that remains is to hone your new ability!

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