The Character of the Experience

I’ve spoken more than once about the complete realism of the experience, and repeatedly emphasized that aspect because it’s the most important characteristic of the astral plane experience. It’s worth paying especially close attention to this, as most people mistakenly assume that sensations in the astral plane are not vivid, and often assume it to be something like a normal dream. Such assumptions are evidently wrong and fertile ground for erroneous beliefs, which in turn influence how the general public perceives the whole topic. In this section of the book, I will describe all the minute details of how might one might feel while in the astral plane.

All misconceptions about the nature of the phenomenon arising among people who unexpectedly experience a separation of the mind from the body are mainly due to the complete realism of the experience, down to the minutest detail. If you unexpectedly start suddenly levitating into the air and find yourself hovering under the ceiling, and it’s the first time that it has happened to you, then you are bound to be convinced that it’s your real body that is flying, and not all some phantom experience. And once you look down to see for yourself the undisturbed position of your physical body, you will be in no doubt that your mind has really separated from your body, and it may seem to you that death is coming for you at that very moment, causing you to become morbidly afraid.

And so, the most important feature here is the complete lack of a connection to the real body and all of its sensations. While in the astral plane, you can only conjecture as to the existence of a physical body lying somewhere on the bed. You don’t feel which side it’s lying on, how the arms and legs are positioned, or whether the lights are on or off. Moreover, you don’t have any feel for your body’s spatial orientation. However, there’s no need to worry about the possibility of any harm coming to your body when in such a state. That would be impossible.

It is also mistaken to believe that the realism of the experience consists only in the realism of the visual imagery – even though sight is the most important of the senses.

During everyday life, we obtain 80 to 90 percent of information about the world around us through the eyes. Even during conversation, we use our eyes to decode the real meaning being put across, taking in the nonverbal gestures that contain 40% of the information being conveyed. We often do this at the subconscious level without realizing it, which is why many are surprised by the statistics. The sense of sight plays an equally significant role in the astral plane. It’s the most important and vivid part of the experience. The visual imagery is so realistic that it’s impossible to grow accustomed to, and it initially leads to extraordinary rapture, and even to frenzy or shock. I’ve had thousands of experiences, but still often just visually take in what’s going on around me, often unable to believe my eyes.

It’s worth mentioning up front that all of the sensations of the astral plane experience are not only like those in the physical world, but are to a certain degree even more realistic in terms of sensory perception. At any rate, this is what is to be expected if we consider the phenomenon from a scientific point of view, as it turns out that all of the astral plane sensations are generated directly in the brain cortex, without having to travel the relatively long path along the nerves from the sensory receptors, a process that somewhat distorts reality during our day-to-day lives. It can be said that sensations in the astral plane are even more vivid than their waking life counterparts. They are more distinct and more intense, and can thus deliver extraordinary satisfaction, and this makes it possible to experience some events quite vividly – especially when it comes to pleasure, or even real pain. This applies equally to all of the five senses.

Considering the above, the sense of sight alone can bring complete satisfaction in the astral plane. The importance of this for the blind cannot be overemphasized. Not only is the vividness of the imagery striking, but so is its fine detail. This is not some computer game in which objects become boxy upon close inspection, and literally pixelated. There you can take any object, bring it up to your eyes, and see every detail, even those impossible to bring into focus in the real world. It may seem fantastic, but it’s possible to go up to any bookshelf, pick up any book, and start reading it, or, for that matter, take a look at the skin cells of your own hand. It’s wonderful to experience the fabulous range of visible colors, including hues we can’t even dream of during waking life. There’s no limit to the focal range of vision there – this is confirmed each and every time. And you, my friend, will experience this many times over.

The sensation of movement is very important for those who want to practice the astral plane, as it is one of the most effective aspects of what can be accomplished there. Indeed, where else can you get ready to jump from a thirty-story building without a parachute and in doing so experience real unexpected fear – and then overcome that fear and do it anyway? That’s how real the experience is. Each time you walk in the astral plane, fly in it, or fall in it, everything is exactly as it would be in the physical world… As is customarily said, man would like to learn to fly almost more than anything else in the world. None of us are immune to this age-old desire, and are always delighted when we are able to fly in our dreams. And in the astral plane, this experience is many times more realistic… So there’s no reason to be surprised that simply moving through the air brings satisfaction, especially as the laws of gravity impose no limitation there. You can fly at the speed of light, switch directions in the blink of an eye, and experience the G-force – all of which are practically impossible in real life.

We shouldn’t overlook the sense of taste in our discussion of the realism of sensations in the astral plane. For people keeping bland diets due to financial or health reasons, this part of the chapter will be of great importance. I can speak to this from my own experience: I have experienced hunger due to both of the above-mentioned reasons. I know quite well from childhood what the difference is between tasty and tasteless food, as well as a complete lack of either. That’s why the ability to satisfy food cravings in the astral plane is still a big deal for me. Of course, it’s more of a psychological craving. How wonderful it is to enjoy tasty food at least once in a while when on a diet! With experience, you can learn to make up a menu with any ingredients that your heart desires.

In the astral plane, all sensations are both possible and realistically experienced, even those that cannot be had in reality. The sensation of pain is no exception. However, pain is an undesirable experience for most. It arises only upon a practitioner’s carelessness or inexperience, as all sensations are controllable in the astral plane.

Tactile sensations and feelings of pleasure deserve special mention. For some, they may be the most important aspects of the astral plane experience. As a case in point, if you decide to touch a tree in the astral plane, you will feel all of the texture of its bark, its temperature, and its solidity. The sensation another person’s touch is also quite convincing … Even more, you can indulge in any pleasure with all of its accompanying sensations, which will in turn lead to their logical end. Moreover, such sensations can be even more powerful than in real life, often many times more so. Moreover, the choice of partners is yours, and limited only by your desire…

My intention is only to show you that all sensations in the astral plane are just the same as their real-life counterparts, and even more intense. And that only concerns sensations that you’re used to experiencing in the real world. Meanwhile, a vast number of other sensations are possible. For example, have you ever thought of how a dragonfly feels its own wings and controls them?

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