The Behavior of the Deceased in the astral plane

Technically speaking, besides fear, there are no hard-to-surmount obstacles to meeting with the deceased in the astral plane. Meanwhile, they exhibit several basic types of behavior, each of which will be treated separately. Whatever theory on the nature of the astral plane is closest to you, whatever the true qualities of the astral plane, there are nonetheless several characteristic types of behavior exhibited by deceased subjects in the astral plane.

All strangeness of behavior and character in persons encountered nearly almost always occurs within the first few seconds of communicating with them, although not rare are situations where abrupt changes begin to occur only after some time.

These changes take place in the psychology of the subject, and in the nature of communication with him. Such breakdowns most often occur in cases when one is still unable to control the astral plane well, and still commits a variety of errors. Once one has solid practical experience under one’s belt, and has acquired the ability to confidently use the techniques for controlling the astral plane, such situations become the exception rather than the rule.

Thus, the possible types of behavior to be encountered are:

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