The Author’s Experiences

Below, the author presents the most interesting excerpts from his lucid dreaming travel log: it happened to him for the first time in the fall of 1999, when he was a senior in high school. One of the interesting things about these excerpts is that they describe the development of a personal practice from the teenage years through the present day.

It’s worth noting that my many years of experience and thousands of lucid dreams logged have had a strong effect on the practical side of my practice. I long ago realized those desires and wants that everyone has, and at that – many times over. Nowadays, I mostly do technical experiments, research, and hone my skills, all while obtaining elementary satisfaction from the practice itself and the vividness of sensation in it. That’s why even the most recent excerpts from my log are not characteristic of lucid dreaming as it is usually practiced. They are merely the most illustrative examples. An unprepared audience would simply not understand ordinary lucid dreams.

As with the previous section, the reader is encouraged to exercise his theoretical knowledge by undertaking an independent and critical analysis of the experiences described.

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