The 2012 Evolution. Entering the Epoch of a New Civilization

The goal of this book is not simply to give certain individuals a new practice for their repertoire. The goal of this book is to open the eyes of everyone who reads it to the reality that the world is many times broader than it may seem. Friend, we’re talking about you. You are able to do much more than you think. Once you understand this and experience this, your world will change. You’ll become different. There will be a fundamental change in how you relate to the world. I’m not afraid to say it: you’ll be born anew. Your life will become happier and richer in every respect.

Now let’s imagine what it will be like when there will be many people like you. And then more. And even more. The world-wide propagation of the practice of astral travel states will hail a singular revolution in human consciousness. We’re not only talking about the maddeningly-vast practical applications. We’re not only talking about how incredible this experience is in and of itself. To a greater extent, we’re talking about the evolution of thought and human consciousness. It will be no laughing matter when each of us comes to understand that there is a world of normal physical reality, with its own rules and limitations, and yet also there is another world, with completely different rules, limitless and offering incredible possibilities. And, it’s accessible each and every day, and it can be used to obtain everything that is lacking in the here and now! When everyone, not just you and I, come to know this, life will become easier, more pleasant, and much more interesting.

Not a bad dream, is it? Start with yourself and the world will become like that, friend.

That will be the evolution – the transformation of conscious awareness to another level of perception, and even being! We’ve become so accustomed to simply talking and dreaming about it, but here it is, right in front of us. Just take it and learn it.

Not only that, the evolution itself, at least as far as it concerns the propagation of astral travel states, is a totally inescapable event. With our culture and mode of existence, it’s as if we have occupied a single basin in an endless valley, built a dike around it, and lived quietly thereafter. But a stream of endless development has started to fill the entire space of our isolated basin. And the moment has come when the water has simply gushed over the side of the dike and into that immense expanse beyond it. That expanse is the astral plane, which has only one limitation – your desire. And we cannot but be swept up into it. We’ve simply no other frontier for development.

As amazing as it may be, independent practice, which is dealt with by the book that you are holding in your hands, is but the first link in a more global development. Conscious awareness will be followed into the astral plane by technologies. They will master this phenomenon and the world will behold the appearance of the Mindnet – the very Matrix itself. The foundation is already laid – the astral plane space, and the very existence of the phenomenon. In fact, you can already plug yourself into there, and already experience the incredible future.

"Where has the astral plane been all this time?" – you ask. "Why have people not been interested in this phenomenon, if even under its many different names?" The answer is simple. It has been obscure to the average person, and the relevant technique-based technologies have not been available until now. The stranglehold of occult terminology has been a barrier to the phenomenon reaching the general public. The approach that you will find in this book is so universal that it will bring those very occultists to the table with absolute materialists. It now no longer matters which world-view you profess. All that matters is practical experience, which, unlike theory, is indisputable. And this practice is like the magic that we all stopped believing in when we grew up. But the magic is real. Here it is.

All who have experienced the astral plane state in its deepened form unambiguously assert that it has been the most powerful experience in their lives. There’s nothing to compare it to.

You don’t have to walk far to find it, my friend. Take me for example. Do you know why I’ve devoted my whole life to this phenomenon after having encountered it in a totally accidental way while still an adolescent? Because I simply recognized that this is the most incredible thing that there is. Simply put, I’ve never encountered nor experienced anything more interesting or extraordinary in my life. Nothing else is so emotionally meaningful or offers so many incredible opportunities in the practical realm. Believe me, I’ve no desire to make a fool of myself. I only engage in what brings me pleasure and satisfaction. And I’ve never encountered anything better or more intense than this in all my life. You’ll soon understand what I’m talking about…

Humanity expects the next scheduled end of the world in 2012. We’ve simply got a habit of doing so. A characteristic of human thought. There hasn’t been a year over the last century for which somebody somewhere hasn’t predicted the end of the world. But now there are far more reasons than ever to do so.

Having monitored the speed at which a secular approach to the practice of separating the conscious awareness from the body is becoming widespread, I can precisely state that this very phenomenon will be the cause of the end of the old epoch and the start of a new era of human existence. There are several reasons for this, all of them difficult even for a stubborn materialist to dispute (in fact, I am a stubborn materialist myself).

First of all, that very same secular, technical, and pragmatic approach to this long-known phenomenon has put it within reach both intellectually and in practice for absolutely each and every person. Naturally, esoterics have always been interested in it. But now more people are becoming interested in it who not only do not believe in God, but who even do not especially believe in the existence of the soul. This is even though beforehand they considered all of this to be nonsense, and labeled people who indulged in it as crackpots. But something beneficial is to be found for everyone in the phenomenon. All of these factors combined make the astral plane’s propagation on a planetary scale merely a question of time. And a short period of time at that. The breakthrough is due right for 2012.

The second reason is that in addition to its global propagation, this phenomenon brings with it a principally new form of existence. We’ve gotten used to living in just one flat world. And it now turns out that that flat world is just a small cross-section of what we are capable of experiencing, and the most limited one at that. This is not the type of empty conjecture that I myself cannot stand. This is real, and, most importantly, within the reach of each and every practitioner, as proven by countless ordinary people. Now everyone will know the world in a completely different way. Everyone will live in two worlds – something we could only have dreamed of earlier. And once this happens for everyone, it will be a revolutionarily new epoch of existence, reverberating on all the hypostases of the physical and parallel world.

Dear friend, it would be possible to discuss at great length why the topic of transformation to a new level of existence in 2012 is directly tied to the practice of the astral plane. But that would be superfluous. In a short amount of time, you will not only understand the astral plane, but also take the step yourself into the new era. Perhaps that step is a bit unexpected, as everyone thinks that this leap will happen by itself. As it turns out, however, it’s necessary to put in some effort. Well that’s reality. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to remain in the old world, or become a member of the new civilization. However, I must say that I cannot imagine how you would be able to resist such a temptation. We’ve all been waiting for this all of our lives. It only remains to take that step forward.

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