Techniques for Translocating Through Objects

In a deep lucid dreaming, the properties of the surrounding environment become very similar to the physical world. However, it may sometimes be necessary to pass through a wall or translocate to avoid a physical barrier in lucid dreaming. There are two basic options for passing through barriers like walls. Usually, mastering these requires several attempts.

Interesting Fact!

If a practitioner concentrates on the physical sensations associated with passing through a wall, it is possible to get stuck. A practitioner may even experience the feeling of obstructed breathing when this happens.

Rapid Defocused Penetration

Run or jump at a wall with a burning desire to penetrate it. Don’t focus on the wall; instead concentrate on the immediate surroundings. Do not try to take anything from the current location since this may impede a successful passage through the wall.

The Closed Eyes Technique

When approaching a wall, the practitioner must close his eyes and completely focus on a desire to pass through it while imagining that the wall does not exist, or that it is transparent and penetrable. Surface resistance should be pressed through, continuing on with the aggressive desire and concentration.

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