Techniques Based on Vestibular Sense

Technique of imagined rotation

lucid dreamingr tries to imagine that his body is rotating along his head-to-toe axis. The end goal is to replace imagined sensations with real ones. Rotation may generally take place on any plane, but one shouldn’t try to visualize it or try to see oneself from the side, as the main emphasis is on one’s own vestibular sensations.

Technique of real rotation

lucid dreamingr tries to rotate the sensation of his physical body along his head-to-toe axis. In this case, the process need not be visualized or imagined. You should start off from real sensations, although the plane of rotation may be changed at will.

Swing-set technique

lucid dreamingr tries to feel that he is riding a swing-set, or that his body itself is rocking with the same range of motion. The primary goal is to achieve the realistic sensation of swinging and try to make 360o revolutions.

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