Techniques Based on Tactile Sensations

Cell-phone technique

lucid dreamingr tries to feel some object lying in his hand, e.g. a cell-phone, an apple, a TV remote control, etc. Meanwhile, one should try to achieve realistic sensations in full detail.

Technique of imagined sensation

lucid dreamingr tries to feel tactile sensations on his body, starting with the sensation that someone or something is lying on him, and ending with the feeling of touching someone or something.

Straining the brain technique

lucid dreamingr tries to strain his brain either spasmodically or continually, as if it were a muscle. This brings a feeling of real strain inside the cranium, in addition to pressure, noise, and vibrations. This is essentially a technique of creating and intensifying the vibrations that enable lucid dreaming entrance.

Technique of straining the body but not the muscles

Like straining the brain, but with the whole body. One tries to strain the body, but not the physical muscles. This causes internal tension, noise, and vibrations, which can eventually lead to lucid dreaming.

Technique of bodily perception

lucid dreamingr tries to authentically feel that his body is being stretched apart, compressed, inflated, deflated, twisted or otherwise distorted in some way.

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