Techniques Based on Real Movements and Sensations of the Physical Body

Technique of eye movement

lucid dreamingr makes abrupt left-to-right or up-and-down eye movements. The eyes are kept closed the whole time. When properly performing the technique, vibrations and possibly separation will occur.

Forehead dot technique

Without opening his eyes, lucid dreamingr directs his gaze towards a dot on the center of his forehead. This is not to be a forced or excessively aggressive movement. This will bring the eyes into a position they naturally take during deep sleep, which may lead to a reflexive entrance into lucid dreaming or facilitate the performance of other techniques.

Technique of breathing

lucid dreamingr focuses his attention on the process of breathing and all of its aspects: the expansion and contraction of the chest cavity, the lungs filling with air, and the passage of air through the mouth and throat. A fluid transition to lucid dreaming may occur or vibrations may arise.

Raised hand technique

lucid dreamingr raises his forearm from the elbow while lying down and simply falls asleep. Once the practitioner fades out of consciousness, his forearm will drop, notifying him that he can perform another technique or immediately separate, as the right transitional state may have occurred during the lapse in consciousness.

Tactile irritation technique

The practitioner loosely ties his ankle or wrist with a cord, or puts on a sleeping mask. The sensations created by these foreign objects can remind the practitioner to perform the right actions either upon awakening or immediately after a lapse in consciousness.

Technique of physiological discomfort

The practitioner eats little throughout the day or drinks little water while eating lots of salty things. Conversely, the practitioner might drink too much water over the course of the day before making an attempt to enter lucid dreaming. The resulting physiological discomfort will often awaken the practitioner, induce consciousness while dreaming, or keep him from falling into deep sleep when performing the direct techniques.

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