Techniques Based on Intention and Feelings

Technique of forced falling asleep

lucid dreamingr mimics natural sleep while maintaining control of his conscious mind, and then either employs techniques or immediately tries to leave his body at the last second before fading out. This technique can be used either on its own, or in parallel with any other technique.

Technique of intention

The practitioner enters lucid dreaming only through an intense and focused intention of immediately experiencing lucid dreaming. Alternatively, this may also be a calm but constant desire felt over the course of the day. Intention is especially effective not only during an attempt or long before one, but also every time you fall asleep, as this moment can be taken advantage of using the direct or indirect method.

Technique of recalling the state

When attempting lucid dreaming entrance with or without techniques, the practitioner tries to recall – and thus induce – the sensations of a previously had lucid dreaming experience.

Technique of recalling vibrations

In order to induce vibrations, lucid dreamingr tries to simply recall the sensation of them in as much detail as possible. Intensely desiring vibrations can also induce them.

Technique of translocation

The practitioner immediately tries to employ the translocation technique in a stubborn and self-assured manner without using a lucid dream creation or separation technique.

Technique of motivation

In order to have a lucid dream entrance occur spontaneously or get techniques work better, the practitioner creates a most interesting and important a plan of action for lucid dreaming that he wants to carry out no matter what.

Technique of fear

lucid dreamingr tries to recall something as scary, awful, or graveyard-like as possible, and imagines it right next to him – this is meant to evoke pure terror and horror, which will elevate to a phasic state at the right moment. The main deficiency of the technique is that fear can linger on into lucid dreaming, and the practitioner might subsequently try to get out of the state.

Technique of flight

Without using a lucid dream creation or separation technique, the practitioner tries to conjure the sensation of flying right from the start.

Technique of counting

In order to enter lucid dreaming, the practitioner counts down from 100 to 1. Depending on lucid dreaming entrance method to follow, he should either try to keep his attention focused on counting, or, conversely, try to achieve lapses in consciousness.

Technique of dotting

The practitioner moves his attention to points on the skin atop of the largest joints of the body, or moves his awareness to inside the joints themselves. You should pause at each point for several seconds or breaths, trying to feel them as distinctly as you can.

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