Tearfulness and Self-Pity

In this case, the deceased person behaves in the astral plane as if he regrets what had happened to him in the physical world and brought about his current situation. This is expressed in constant complaints, tears, and a reminiscing about what had happened. This kind of behavior is most often seen in those cases when little time has passed since the subject’s death.

For some, such behavior will be normal and not require further action. However, if this does not suit the practitioner, as looking at everything in this way may be unpleasant, then the best solution would be to try to convince the subject that nothing terrible has happened, and that everything is fine, as all is as it should be. It is also advisable to offer consolations befitting such a situation. Perhaps the subject will be able to collect himself quite quickly. This is better than re-summoning the person all over again.

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