Tatyana Kiseleva

Vancouver, Canada

That particular evening, I finally decided to deal with the outside noise that had ruined a few previous attempts and got myself a set of nice, bright orange ear plugs.

I plugged my ears and went to bed with an intention to wake up in the morning and practice the deferred method. Also, just before going to bed, I read a few forum posts on Michael’s website about people’s first experiences. All of this led to the following:

I woke up in the middle of the night because of a very loud "thump" I heard somewhere in the building. I was sitting in my bed, thinking that the thump must have been really loud because I could hear it perfectly even with my ears being plugged. I decided to go to the front door and peek into a peep hole in hopes of seeing what was going on. I heard the loud "thump" again. It sounded a bit scary. I lowered my feet to the floor, stood up and walked out of my bedroom towards the front door. I could feel the cold floor with my bare feet. As I was approaching the front door and could see the bright peep hole in the darkness, it hit me: "I am in lucid dreaming!"

I did not believe myself. "I did not do any techniques", I thought, doubting.

So I decided to test if it was indeed a lucid dream. I lifted both of my feet up – that made me ‘sitting’ in the air – then I grabbed, with my right hand, the edge of a sliding door of a closet and pushed against the door with my both legs. I flew backwards, all the way to the other side of my living room, really surprised that I was still feeling my hand holding the closet door! My arm must have stretched like 10 feet (M.R.: no deepening and no plan of action)!

I was floating right by my fireplace, seeing both of my feet in the air in my pajama pants. And I still did not believe that I was in lucid dreaming, so I decided to fly up, but I could not push against the floor because my feet were in the air. So I concluded that it’s not lucid dreaming (M.R.: wrong logic) and I decided to go back to sleep.

At that moment I found myself sitting on my bed, again realizing that my plugged ears were bothering me tremendously, and so I took the plugs out. However, a second later I realized that my ears were still plugged. "Hmm", I thought, "that’s weird. I just took the plugs out, didn’t I?"

And that’s when I realized I was lying in my bed and feeling my real ears. I jumped in excitement, as I realized what had just happened. It was my first real out-of-body experience, although I did not believe it! I was 100% aware of the experience, but I was about 90% conscious, otherwise I would clearly know that I was indeed out-of-body.

I took a notepad and as I was writing everything down, I vividly remembered the vibrations that I felt before leaving the body. It was exactly as they are usually described – like being electrocuted without pain.

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