Tatyana Kiseleva

Vancouver, Canada

I am in LA right now, participating in an experiment at the OBE Research Center that Mike is leading.

Today’s assignment was: using the differed method and cycles of indirect techniques, roll (or levitate, or climb) out of the body and meet the aliens that are waiting for us there (this was a goal for this experiment).

Again, I woke up a bit disappointed because it was time to get ready for our second session and none of the techniques worked. I was in my LA hotel room. It looked different from how my room looks in reality but I guess in my mind it was just a different room (not my bedroom at home), so I was not really paying attention to the fact that the main door and windows had switched places, it was much lighter in color and overall amount of light in the room, there were some staff around, a camera that I don’t have, and knickknacks everywhere.

So I started becoming aware when I was in the shower and noticed that the water drops on the shower walls were dark in color. I decided to stop showering and then when I was back in the room, getting ready, everything felt so real that I don’t even know why I decided to check if it was lucid dreaming.

Imagine it yourself: yesterday you went to bed, then you woke up this morning, showered, got ready, did this, did that and then decided to check if it was lucid dreaming – and it turned out that IT IS (!)

So I decided just for the heck of it to test if it might be lucid dreaming by “breathing with the nose pinched” technique and of course it did not work at first, because I had been doing it with the “how can it be lucid dreaming, everything is so real” thought. But I kept trying and after a third attempt air got out from somewhere behind my ears and I happily confirmed for myself that I was totally in lucid dreaming.

I felt very happy. I started rising in the air and flew in a couple of circles under the ceiling. Then, I felt the need to deepen and I really focused on that. I looked a few times at my palms. I looked at myself and noticed I was wearing a towel wrapped around me. Then I started touching everything in the room. I took a camera and put it on the floor, thinking that I will check later it it’s going to be on the floor in reality. (don’t know what had gotten into me, that’s a pointless test, I guess I just remembered someone doing this once) At first it felt that my hands were numb, but as I was touching everything I got back my sense of touch.

Since perception was back to 100%, it was time to go look for aliens. They were not in the room. I looked outside of the hotel window and saw some road with huge fallen branches on it, a chain-link fence and some greenery and trees behind it. Aliens were not there either. So I decided to get into the corridor, I opened the door, it was really dark inside, even the light from the room could not penetrate it. I thought, aliens must be there, so I stepped into the darkness… At least 3 tiny hands touched my shoulder… I totally freaked and woke up… (M.R.: no re-entering)

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