Tatyana Kiseleva

Vancouver, Canada

Deferred method. About 7 am. Ears plugged, wearing a mask. Trying to do the techniques: phantom wiggling, observing images, listening in. Nothing is working. I feel too awake but I am still trying and alternating each technique with forced falling asleep.

At certain point I realize that I am still in my bed watching TV. I have a TV set in my bedroom but not this one and at a different spot. The TV that I see is my old one and now is at my mom’s house.

As soon as I see this I realize that I am in lucid dreaming. I am looking at the screen and thinking about my plan (M.R.: no deepening). Now, one of the items on my ‘lucid dreaming to-do list’ is to find out what happened to my dad who disappeared a long time ago and I don’t even know if he is alive or not. So on TV I see a person walking away. The person looks like one of the singers my dad liked very much and also resembled a lot. So I start calling him, dad, dad. The person on the screen turns his head and start transforming into my father and I feel the sensation of being pulled into this picture. In a second he and I are standing in front of each other in the middle of my bedroom. He is wearing a cap and a light colored jacket with a yellow sweater sticking out of the jacket. Later I asked my mom if he ever wore anything like that. She said no, however she mentioned that this description matched more my dad’s brother, my uncle, who I never met. So I am hugging my dad and telling him that I am so happy to see him and starting to explain that I learned to leave my body. No dialog, however, took place. He was there but that was it, he wasn’t responding, wasn’t doing anything and finally he disappeared.

Then I remember looking at myself in the mirror, there was me exactly as I was at that time in reality, in a t-shirt and pajama pants.

I remembered that I need to do deepening techniques, but first I decided to find a pen and notepad and write everything down, right there in lucid dreaming, so I won’t forget. I found a notepad (I have it in reality) and a thick red pen (don’t have it in reality). Now, because I was wearing a sleep-mask, in lucid dreaming I sometimes had normal vision, and sometimes my sight was blocked by the mask. So as soon as I was all set to write everything down, I realized that my sleep-mask was blocking my vision. I started to pull it off my face thinking that I should not open my eyes because I might wake up… and bingo, I woke up (M.R.: no re-entering).

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