Talking with Like-Minded People

Great benefit is derived by discussing personal experiences with other practitioners. This leads to an exchange of information, new knowledge, and mutual help concerning certain problems and issues.

The greatest effect comes through communication in person, and not solely through mail, forums, and blogs. Meeting face-to-face with like-minded people promotes camaraderie and a useful knowledgebase to consider during individual practice.

Due to the fact that knowledge of the phenomenon is underdeveloped, difficulties may arise in finding someone to talk to. This can be solved by personally sharing lucid dreaming experiences with friends and family members, regardless of whether they are fellow practitioners. It is even better to pass on training literature, like this guidebook.

Interesting Fact!

More and more families all across the world enjoy lucid dreaming together. Out of all those registered with the OOBE Research Center, the most interesting is a family in which 6 members representing three generations (ages 14-65) competitively practice lucid dreaming. In another case, an 8-year-old actively practices with his parents.

The website also has a discussion forum devoted to lucid dreaming, making it possible to obtain and exchange a large amount of information. The site also has the contact information for the coordinators of lucid dreaming Practitioner Clubs all around the world, which are non-commercial associations of enthusiasts who meet to exchange and discuss experiences.

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