Sylvan Muldoon was born in the United States in 1903. He is considered to be the American pioneer in the study of lucid dreaming, although he used the esoteric term astral. He inadvertently woke up in lucid dreaming at the age of 12, where he saw a cord connecting his perceived body to his real body. Muldoon first thought that he was dying during the experience, although he eventually concluded that this was an instance of “astral projection”. He had repeated experience with the phenomenon, but was still unable to become an advanced practitioner due to a lack of full control over the practice.

After coordinating efforts with Hereward Carrington, the famous American investigator of the unknown, the two published the sensational, jointly authored book The Projection of the Astral Body in 1929. The authors published two other books: The Case for Astral Projection (1936) and The Phenomena of Astral Projection (1951).

Despite a large serving of esotericism, Muldoon’s books, (especially the first one) contain a lot of helpful, practical information and explanation of the most diverse phenomena that can occur during lucid dreaming. However, Muldoon is considered to be the greatest popularizer of irrational esoteric terms and theories, which subsequently became quite widespread.

Sylvan Muldoon passed away in 1971.

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