Svyatoslav Baranov

Perm, Russia

I woke up on my side. I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore, but I closed my eyes anyway. When I lay down on my back, I immediately felt the sensation that I was about to fall from the couch (I was lying on the edge), and some kind of lapse occurred, as if I was being pulled somewhere. I lay down once again, and this buzzing started, and a green light appeared before my eyes. I lay back even further, and my eyelids started to flutter. I thought that I might fall from the couch at that moment, but then my vision came to me, and I observed that I was already lying on the floor next to the couch! I got up on my feet and noticed that the room was “spinning” as if I were drunk, but everything quite quickly went back to normal. At that very moment, I understood that this was it! lucid dreaming itself (M.R.: no deepening)!

In ecstasy, I forgot about all the techniques and went to look about the room (M.R.: no plan of action). Everything was just like in reality, but some things were out of place. I tried to levitate and bent backwards, and was somehow thrust outside. It was dusk out there, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. I went around the house and tried to levitate. I was able to soar upwards, and saw the horizon and sunset. But then I began to lose altitude. After having flown to the window on the other side of the house, I wanted to go up to the roof, but then a foul occurred (M.R.: no maintaining). In a fraction of a second, I had the sensation that I was “nowhere”. But then, my real eyes opened (with difficulty) and there was once again the feeling of some sort of lapse (M.R.: no re-entering). Awareness was dim during lucid dreaming, apparently due to not having gotten enough sleep.

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