All my entries into lucid dreaming were spontaneous via lucid dreaming or in a state of very dim consciousness. This was my first fully conscious separation. Because of this, it felt like REAL FUN.

I returned from a business trip and went to bed with an eye-mask on at 3 pm. I attempted to enter lucid dreaming by direct methods, but fell asleep. I woke up in about 3 hours without movement, but with a feeling that I had woken up completely (M.R.: no separation). Nevertheless, something told me to try to move my arm – in case it was my phantom arm. The arm started to rise together with the duvet. I had a feeling that the duvet was covering my head as well (which was not true), and therefore decided to raise the arm higher to test whether it was my phantom arm or not, as at some point there would be light from the window if it indeed was my real arm. No, there was no light and I realized it was my phantom arm. I tried to roll out with the arm. At first, separation was partial. I tried again and rolled out from the bed and ended up on all fours on the floor. Vision appeared almost immediately. I started palpating the floor, walls, and window shades, feeling the texture. Then I rose and started clapping my hands. There was sound. Then I went to explore the rooms (M.R.: no plan of action). I passed by a mirror. I looked at myself and saw myself there with dark glasses and a wide smile, although I was not smiling at the time. I went into a room and saw a beautiful partition wall made into an aquarium. I saw people behind the partition and went there – and then, a foul! (M.R.: no maintaining)An attempt to separate again did not work.

My main mistake in lucid dreaming was in not taking the clues that the deepening was not sufficient. The clues were: no change in perception of realism after application of deepening techniques, the weak sound of my hands clapping, and the strange reflection of myself in the mirror.

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