Success Rate

Using the classic three-day seminar format, you can get at least 75% of the group to have the experience of leaving the body or becoming conscious while dreaming. On bad days this figure might drop to 35 or 40%, and on good days it might reach 90% or more, depending on the number of people in the group, the type of training system, and how closely you follow the instructions. In actuality, you only need to make people perform proper attempts, and then every third, fourth, or fifth one will surely result in success. Either way, since this phenomenon is still considered by the masses to be either impossible, a fabrication, extremely difficult to learn, or one requiring many years of training and preparation, even a success rate of 35% is going to be astounding (not to speak of higher ones). When using this book, it will sometimes happen that half of the students have an experience on day two, and this is despite all the biases and incredulity of our society.

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