Success Rate

Assuming the student does not quickly give up on the lessons (and that will depend on how interesting and high-quality the lessons are), quite a high rate of success can be achieved. However, the success rate for one-on-one lessons may fall behind that of regular lessons due to the lack of numerous examples provided by other students making attempts and the overall positive atmosphere typical of very large groups.

One-on-one lessons can be quite profitable a commercial undertaking thanks to minimal expenses (it is usually not necessary to rent anything) and high pay. Generally speaking, there is no limit to the amount that can be charged for them. Meanwhile, it’s better to collect payment upfront for an entire course or at least several lessons instead of at the end of each lesson. Although a fixed price for all students may be set, it’s better to come to an agreement on pricing for each specific situation, as some clients taking individual lessons are able to express gratitude for good results with truly astronomical and unlimited sums of money. A normal course of one-on-one lessons that lasts until the student achieves success might cost from 50 to 100% the average local monthly salary. In certain cases, your fee might equal several years’ worth of the average salary, as for many millionaires this may be the only thing that can bring new experiences to a life in which every material need is met.

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