Success Rate

Regular lessons are the most effective instructional format, audience turnover notwithstanding. Meanwhile, audience turnover diminishes with time as only the most motivated and truly interested remain. The rest might leave the group before they even obtain good results.

On account of the more substantial premises-rental costs involved, this training format may offer less profitability. In order to stay in the black, it’s best to hold lessons no more often than once a week. It’s best to collect payment for a month upfront, regardless of whether or not the student will attend all the classes. To do otherwise risks increasing the rate of student turnover.

For example, with monthly tuition at 10% the local average monthly income and a group of at least twenty regular students, your gross earnings will be about twice that of the average man and equal to or less than it after taxes and other expenses are factored in. On the other hand, that’s not that bad for a 4-day work week and the fact that it might be extra income from the same audience that was already at other training sessions with different formats. Meanwhile, no one’s stopping you from enrolling not only 20, but even 30 or more people per group.

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