Success Rate

The three-day seminar has one of the highest success rates, which can exceed even eighty percent. There are known cases of instructors achieving a 100% rate of success with groups of five to ten people. Sometimes even over 50% of the group enters out-of-body experience at least once between days one and two.

The three-day seminar is also optimal from a financial point of view. This is mainly due to the fact that people are ready to pay well for it because they often get all of the information and full-fledged practice that they need there. For example, at an admission price of 20% the local average monthly income and a group size of 30, the seminar will gross 6 months of the local average salary, of which four months will be net profit depending on the tax rate as well as premises rental and advertising expenses, if any. That means that a month spent passively enrolling people and three days of active work will net more than the average quarterly pay in the region. Meanwhile, the price of admission might just be at least 30% the average local monthly income and the group size at least 50. Thus, you might earn your yearly living expenses or enough to buy a new car by simply doing a good job at enrollment. Not bad for motivation to popularize out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming, is it?

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