Some mistakenly believe that indirect techniques will produce quick, easy results, like a pill. Despite the fact that the techniques described in this guidebook are the best means to entering lucid dreaming, strong effort still needs to be exerted. This is not important for some, as everything comes quite easily to them, but for others this is of great importance.

Indirect techniques will definitely work if practiced consistently and as described. It has already been noted that in the majority of cases, making several concentrated attempts upon awakening without movement is sufficient enough to produce results. It may take a lot of time and effort to achieve lucid dreaming entrance, so practitioners who set goals and work diligently will be presented with a crown of success.

Attempts are important in large measure not only for the final result, but also for the process itself. During practice, the practitioner independently learns and solves issues that may not have been understood in the guidebook. Other times, the practitioner will encounter situations that have never been described at all. It’s impossible to prepare a student for every possible scenario, so as a practitioner moves deeper into practice, a unique, individual perspective and portfolio of experiences develops, which will certainly prove useful in the future. Until then, diligent practice of the information presented in this book will ready a practitioner for that personal frontier.

Actions in practice require strict attention. Study the techniques and select those that work best. Set the goal of consistent, conscious waking without movement. Set an objective of performing cycles of indirect techniques while waking up, day in and day out. With such a clear course of action, the practitioner should never defocus his attention or dissipate his energy on other related actions, like, for example, on direct techniques for entering lucid dreaming. If the indirect techniques do not work in the course of several days, continue trying. At latest, results occur in a matter of weeks – not months or years, like some sources maintain. Goals are to be stubbornly pursued – step-by-step, firmly, and diligently.

If no results occur after 10 to 20 attempts, it is better to cease practice for a week and take a rest, and then return with a fresh resolve to master the practice. Interestingly enough, it is exactly during such a break that spontaneous entrances into lucid dreaming through the most diverse methods occur.

If success is still elusive even after 2 weeks of trying, then a thorough analysis of the regimen should be conducted to root out any obvious mistakes or deficiencies. If overcoming them proves difficult or impossible, switching over to direct techniques is not recommended since they prove much more difficult than indirect techniques. Instead, techniques for entering lucid dreaming through conscious dreaming should be practiced.

It is also not worth skipping over problematic areas and trying to make up for mistakes by expending even more effort. For example, ignoring the precondition of awakening without moving will prove fruitless. Bypassing this requirement works for very few people. Facing every problem head-on and working hard to break through will be richly rewarded with unforgettable, treasured experiences. Keep trying!

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