Of course, my friend, I could have chosen one of the existing terms, colored its definition with my views, and moved on in that fashion. But what would have been the result, given that all of the known terms have long been occupied by esoteric circles who have ascribed them far from simple or positive connotations? Mention "astral projection" to a passerby on the street, and he’ll tell you to seek help. Mention "out-of-body experiences", and he’ll say you’ve been reading too much science-fiction. Mention a "lucid dream", and he’ll say, "well, yeah, a dream – what’s lucid about one and why would you want it to be?" But the phenomenon has not the slightest relationship to dreaming, neither in substance nor in quality.

Mention "the astral plane", and he’ll ask, "What’s that?" And this is where you tell him in clear and pragmatic terms what exactly the phenomenon’s about. People don’t have preconceived notions or stereotypes regarding this term. This term has not been corrupted by strange people with strange views on life. And since we’re already talking about the mass propagation of the practice of the astral plane, such an untainted term is needed. Experience shows that if the phenomenon is presented, for example, as "astral projection", then less than 10% of the population will show interest. It’s a similar situation with the other terms. Yet if the phenomenon is presented as "the astral plane", then up to 80% of people start to become interested. And so, this is the approach that will enable humanity transition to another level of development, after having made this practice an everyday event. This would not have been possible using the old terminology.

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