Step 3: Separate the Instant You Awaken

Each time you wake up again, try not to move or open your eyes. Instead, immediately try to separate from your body. Up to 50% of success with indirect techniques comes during this simple first step – one that is so simple that people don’t even suspect that it could work.

In order to separate from your body, simply try to stand up, roll out, or levitate. Try to do it with your own perceived (i.e. subtle) body, but without moving your physical muscles. Remember that it will feel just like normal physical movement. When the moment comes, don’t think too hard about how to do it. During those first moments after awakening, stubbornly try to separate from your body any way that you can and no matter what. Most likely, you’ll intuitively know how to do it. The most important thing is not to think too hard and not to lose those first seconds of awakening.

Interesting Fact!

During the second lesson at School of Out-of-Body Travel seminars, participants are asked to explain in their own words how they were able to separate, but without using the words “easily”, “simply”, or “as usual”. They are usually always unable to comply with this request, as separation nearly always occurs for them “easily”, “simply” and “as usual” when the moment is right.

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