Step 2: Go Back to Sleep with an Intention

After 3 to 50 minutes of being awake, go back to bed and concentrate your attention on how you will perform cycles of indirect techniques upon each subsequent awakening in order to leave your body and implement your prepared plan of action. No need to set the alarm clock this time. Each subsequent awakening should occur naturally. If it’s too bright in the room, you can wear a special eye-mask. If it’s loud – use earplugs.

Meanwhile, focus your attention on how you’re going to try to wake up without moving your physical body. This isn’t mandatory, but it will substantially increase the effectiveness of the indirect techniques.

Now, sleep for 2 to 4 hours, but take advantage of natural awakenings that occur during this period of time. They will happen much more often than usual. After each attempt – whether successful or not – you must fall back asleep with that very same intention of waking up and trying again. In this way, you can make many attempts over the course of a single morning. Up to a quarter of those attempts will be successful, even for novices (70 to 95% of them will be successful for experienced practitioners).

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