Statistics on Mistakes

The 15 experiences presented above are the first phase experiences of real practitioners. The experiences were randomly selected (although preference was given to the indirect method) and might serve as a testament to the typicalness of the simplest mistakes that novices make. They will also give a budding instructor an idea of the situation that most of his students will be in when he starts teaching.

And so, we have found 76 mistakes in only 15 practitioner accounts, and that’s counting just the most egregious and obvious ones.

– lack of secondary separation from the body: 12

– lack of maintaining: 11

– lack of a plan of action: 10

– lack of deepening: 10

– loss of activeness: 8

– unwarranted inference: 7

– unwarranted action: 6

– lack of separation: 6

– unwarranted emotion: 2

– dangerous activity: 2

– short plan of action: 1

– getting drawn into the storyline: 1

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