SsergiuReşiţa, Romania

I don’t think that I needed to realize that I was dreaming because as soon as I fell asleep, I became lucid. I couldn’t see anything but the screen of an iPhone and I knew I had to choose the place I wanted to be in. I chose a weird place that I had never seen before and then I saw a white door. I opened the door, wondering where it would bring me to (M.R.: no deepening and no plan of action). I got in a weird room and there were a lot of skeletons on the floor, so I freaked out and then teleported somewhere else.

I remembered having been in many other places when I woke up next to my bed. I wasn’t sure what had actually happened, I thought it was still a lucid dream.

I was next to my bed and could see almost everything in my room, even the turned-out TV – but I couldn’t bring myself to look in my bed’s direction. I didn’t want to do that at all.

After a while, I started to feel my breath. I was scared because I was breathing too slowly and I thought I was going to die if I didn’t start breathing faster (M.R.: wrong logic).

I wanted to wake up, but each time I tried I got back in my body but only for a second (in SP) and then again next to my bed. I had tried to wake up about 7 times before I finally woke up (M.R.: wrong action). I was scared but also amazed of what had happened to me. However, I could consider myself "lucky" because I had experienced sleep paralysis before and I knew how to get out of it.

After the experience I didn’t even bother trying lucid dreaming again, I got all interested in OOBEs.

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