Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and are an integral part of the Internet itself. Some predict that they may become the backbone of the future Internet. Many users spend much more time on social networks than on the rest of the Internet, and visit social networks on a daily basis. The availability of personal data, contact info, and a diverse array of groups opens up great opportunities to promote any kind of product or service. It suffices to say that many branches of the School of Out-of-Body Travel recruit using only one or two of the most popular social networks without promoting their seminars in any other way.

So, how do you promote your seminar on a social network? The answer is quite easy and intuitive. It’s enough to personally invite users who are preferably already potential students, i.e. people who are already in groups in a similar field of interest. You can post advertisements in various groups or on the profiles of popular users. You also need to create your own groups and events. Once someone decides to attend, all of his "friends" will be automatically kept updated regarding his attendance, which will help to expand your audience even further.

By posting interesting information (and not necessarily direct advertisements) on your profile pages and in your groups, you will also bring in more new people, as your "friends", subscribers, and group members will leave comments that their "friends" and subscribers will see.

In addition to everything else, social networks have many popular users and groups with followers and members numbering in the hundreds of thousands. You can make some deal with them or simply pay them to post your information in a way that will immediately draw the attention of large masses of users.

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