Minneapolis, USA

After awakening without moving, I begin indirect techniques. I am still very sleepy. In an "imagined movement" cycle I begin to feel very real sensations and lose all connection with my physical body. I am blind somewhere in lucid dreaming.

I rub my hands, arms, legs, and face until I get sight. Oddly, at first it is only imagined sight like in a normal dream, but it quickly becomes complete sight like in real life. lucid dreaming is still very weak, but I begin my plan of action. I should have deepened further through peering or other options, but didn’t. I will pay for this shortly.

I am in my bedroom. My wife is there but, thankfully, no one else is. No strangers milling about like usual. Normally she isn’t there. I’m still groggy so I begin to talk to her, but then remember my plan of action and go downstairs.

I walk through my living room on my way to the kitchen and touch the wall to change its color. It turns yellow, even though I had meant the walls to turn blue. I should have deepened since this was an indication I didn’t have complete control. Instead, I continue into the kitchen.

There are two strangers in my kitchen at our breakfast nook. This isn’t uncommon. They ignore me.

I open the refrigerator with the intention that a small vile of a liquid will be in it. This liquid will help deepen and lengthen lucid dreaming (I tell myself this to induce a placebo type effect). The fridge is full of food, but the only drinks are 7-Up and milk. We never have 7 Up. I close the refrigerator and open it again with the placebo intention. Once again, it is full of food and the 7 Up and milk. I drink the 7 Up telling myself it is my "lucid dreaming potion."

I should have deepened further once again since my lack of control over my refrigerator items and general groggy state showed a very weak lucid dreaming.

I continue my plan of action by going outside to our garden. When I step outside, my vision goes away. I’d never lost vision before in lucid dreaming. I then begin rubbing my hands and try to deepen, but I am so groggy and lucid dreaming is so weak I am already close to exiting into sleep like I do all too often.

In the end I do restore vision, but now it isn’t as realistic as it normally is. It is nowhere near real life.

I walk to one of my grapevines and make it grow out the full year’s growth and produce ripe fruit. The fruit is very sickly looking and tasteless. This lack of control should have signaled me to deepen, but I continue on.

Suddenly, I’m not in my yard. I am in a random place with two people I know from my past. They are talking to me.

I have almost entirely lost lucidity and no longer have control over my lucid dreaming. We are by a pool and one friend throws the other in. This is very dream-like and not very lucid, but I do have a little lucidity.

I do find a tree that looks like my chokecherry and it has mature fruit. I take a berry and eat it. Unlike the grapes, it tastes just like a chokecherry, which is to say it tastes very bitter and awful. I start spitting it out everywhere and thinking, "why would I taste this and not my grapes, this is awful, but my grapes are awesome!"

Then I return to my body. It is now 8 am (M.R.: no re-entering). My memory of the entire experience is somewhat diminished. I am fairly certain I had slipped into a complete dream state somewhere in there because it didn’t quite feel completely real like a normal lucid dreaming experience should.

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