School of Out-of-Body Travel Branches

An instructor meeting certain criteria may be placed on the official list of branches of the School of Out-of-Body Travel. He will however maintain full financial and legal independence. This will allow him to be on a team of other independent practitioners who are constantly making advances in the field while sharing their expertise, launching joint projects, and helping one another to the best of their abilities.

Being one of the School’s instructors means a certain stamp of quality for the audience and attests to one’s real skill in teaching people phase states. Being mentioned on websites under sections for various cities and regions will also bring you an additional stream of students, as will being featured on various lists and ratings of instructors.

All the while, the instructor is acting on his own when organizing and holding various educational events. The only thing bringing the School together is the desire of experienced practitioners to take part in the wider movement.

Besides holding a seminar in one’s capacity as a branch, other forms of cooperation are possible. For example, the School and Research Center are often asked to help find an instructor who could hold a seminar for an already-formed group. A database of vetted instructors is consulted in such cases. There are often interview requests from various media organizations that have to be turned down due to geographical distance. Such requests could be met by new instructors in various cities. Instructors may also take part in a diverse array of other commercial and research projects, be they in-person or over the Internet.

While branches of the School of Out-of-Body Travel are completely independent of one another, they do join efforts for the following aims:

– to promote actual, real-life practice, and not theorizing or fraud

– to ensure the spread of solid, practical information

– to bring together people interested in the phenomenon from all over the world

– to pool efforts to promote the practice of phase states for everyone’s benefit

– to collect comprehensive statistics for research on the phenomenon.

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