The Rocky Mountains, USA

I think I may have had three very long OBEs last night. I woke up around 3:45am and began the brain squeeze and then phantom wiggling and suddenly it was as if I had projected into lucid dreaming. I spent a long time with my brothers enjoying a nice visit. Then, I landed back in my body. I was thinking about getting up to write it down but I wanted to project again and I did. It only takes a few seconds once I have managed the first exit. I immediately landed back in the exact same place with my brothers as though nothing had changed (M.R.: no deepening). We were doing a project together but I told them I had other things to do and that I was going to take off alone (M.R.: wrong action). They nodded to me and I turned to run and then began flying.

I went to a large building and interacted with some attractive women (M.R.: no plan of action) for a while but local security came to stop me and I flew up to an upstairs room (M.R.: wrong action) and I wanted to fly through a window but it felt very real — so real I wondered if I would be able to go through it. I affirmed to myself that I was OBE but slowed down as I approached it and then flew through with no trouble.

Then I went to a room with a large table where men were gathered and talking. It felt like an exclusive club of sorts. There was a banquet laid out with delicious food prepared in ways I had never seen before and I dove in and was having a great time. I was conversing with a couple guys and I mentioned that I was OBE and that I had a body far away in another state. They just looked at me with blank stares and one quickly looked down and walked away. Then I began speaking with the man across the table from me and he mentioned something that reminded me of one of my "Action Plan" items. I told him what I wanted to do and he motioned to a woman standing behind me and I could hear her talking to someone. He said, "Well then, she is the one you should talk to". I turned around and tried to introduce myself but landed back in my body (M.R.: no maintaining). I made the decision to leave the journal aside and project again, hoping that I would remember all this in the morning.

I projected again and arrived immediately at a busy street corner. I asked someone if he knew how I could find this woman I had been directed to in the prior OBE and he pointed her out in the crowd. I went over to her and we sat down on the curb and began speaking and she gave me a nickname that I could call her and it wasn’t until after I had gotten up and was having coffee that I laughed and made the connection to something I had journaled on a few days ago.

My alarm went off and I got up… otherwise I think I could have gone on for another hour or more.

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