I had an awakening and immediately attempted to roll out. That didn’t work, so I tried brain strain, but still nothing… So I phantom wiggled, not sure which part of my body, just something – anything, as I was determined to separate.

It worked, and I felt myself moving upward and forward and then I seemed to get a little stuck, and so I thought, “Oh, I am just going to stand up – they say that works when you are stuck.” I immediately stood up, my legs from the knees down went through my bed. It was very pleasant to be free of my body. The whole movement of separation had a slight, effervescent tingling sensation (as you see on Star Trek when they are translocating, i.e. “Beam me up Scotty.”)

I moved to the side of my bed, but I hadn’t opened my eyes yet as I was a teeny bit anxious (excited) about what I would see when I did. I naturally started touching everything within reach: the wall, the bed, and the stool at the end of my bed. I then opened my eyes.

I immediately felt and saw a small dark shadow at my feet. I knew it was Tsar, my Mother’s Blue Russian cat. Although he does not live with me at the moment, I knew it was him. As I moved away from room, I caught a glimpse of my body lying in my bed: my mouth was slightly open and I could hear myself softly snoring. I had no desire to look directly at my body.

I was thrilled to be out. I stepped into my living room (M.R.: no plan of action). To my left was a lamb and a sheep and several brownish-black geese. I was delighted to see them there in my living room. I felt Tsar at my feet again.

My attention was drawn to what was outside through the window. There I saw colorful, twirling carnival rides. The colors were not brilliant as I had hoped they might be, however when I looked directly at one it twirled faster. There were a multitude of birds in the sky, passing overhead. It was quite surreal. I got the same feeling as I got when watching the scene when birds flew by in the movie Jurassic Park.

Back in my living room, the animals had gone but I noticed wet, sloppy bird droppings on the carpet (naughty geese!). I looked at my hand it was not normal. Half was natural flesh, and the other half was like moulded, skin tone plastic, as in the mask the Phantom of the Opera wears. I was not at all perturbed at its appearance. I just thought, “oh, that’s interesting.” My next thought was, “I am going poke my finger through my hand.” I did, and then quickly removed it, thinking to myself, “eewww! It works.” Again, I was not perturbed.

I moved into the kitchen. It was as if burglars had been there. There was broken glassware and crockery all over the bench. I am presuming it was those naughty geese again. Anyway, I turned to the refridgerator and saw a broken mirror on the floor and wondered where it had come from. The refridgerator door was ajar, I opened it further and discovered that the vegetable crisper drawer had a mirrored front and it had been smashed. I opened the freezer door to see about 8 cups of ice cream (the commercial kind, something like Cornetto). Their lids had been peeled off and sticky ice cream had run and dripped everywhere. Was it those birds again?

I turned back into the living room to see more runny bird droppings than there were before. Puzzled, I wondered how I was going to clean up this mess.

I then heard people outside and looked down through the window. (I live upstairs.)

There were half a dozen people dressed in dark blue workman’s clothes down there talking. One of them was a woman who shot me an unpleasant look and said something that I couldn’t hear. I felt threatened. A little nervous, I waited for them to pass underneath my apartment, but they didn’t appear on the other side of the building. Phew! (In reality, my apartment is suspended between two buildings, cars and pedestrians pass under.)

Standing on the threshold of the living room and kitchen, I decided to fly and see how that felt. I zoomed around the ceiling a couple of times.

Now standing in the living room, contemplating what I should do next, I felt a little bored. I figured I might as well go back to my body (M.R.: wrong logic). I moved to my bed and crawled into my body. I felt a little disheveled and crumpled in there, but as soon as I felt smooth and comfortable I opened my eyes.

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