Robert Bruce – Download Books and Biography

Robert Bruce – Download Books and Biography

Robert Bruce was born in England in 1955. He has performed his life’s work while living in Australia. After studying and promoting astral projection for many years, by the beginning of the 21st century he had become one of the leading authorities in the field. He is also a specialist in many other paranormal fields of study.

Robert Bruce wrote several books, the most important and well known of which is Astral Dynamics (1999). The author holds quite open esoteric views, which are very strongly reflected in his theories and terminology. The helpful, practical guidelines in his books are quite often loaded with a large amount of information that has not been verified or proven by anyone. Robert Bruce is also a propagator of typical superstitions and stereotypes concerning the phase phenomenon (astral projection in this case).

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Robert Bruce – Download Books and Biography

“All my life I sought an elegant solution to one odd riddle. I sought it from Siberia to California, from the field of neurophysiology to quantum physics, and in illegal experiments on thousands of people. But the answer I found sent me into shock and changed my entire perception of reality. Unlike others, I offer not only a new perspective on the world, but also step-by-step practices that can shake the pillars of your limited reality, and give you revolutionary new tools for obtaining information, self-healing, travel, entertainment, and much more.”

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