Regular Lessons


Regular lessons are a training-session format that implies a long-term relationship between the instructor and his students. It’s theoretically the most effective training format, as it involves repeated meetings with students, the opportunity to go into great detail with them, and allows them an unlimited number of attempts.

Lessons can be held from one to three times a week. They can take place any day of the week and at any time convenient for working people. There’s no point in having the lessons themselves last more than 3 hours (including the break), so as not to wear out the audience. Now freed from the need to have students urgently make attempts immediately after the session, you are at liberty to set any schedule you see fit. Students will usually have up to a week to make attempts, and they can make them only when conditions are conducive.

Such groups can also be open enrollment. A new student coming to the lessons for the first time will be grouped together with more experienced practitioners and will gradually catch up with them. It’s common to have from 20 to 30 regular students. This format can be combined with one-time lectures and three-day seminars if such events are considered to be the first stage of instruction and regular lessons the second, more advanced one.

You can also plan special lessons for advanced practitioners and those who are already well-versed in general theory. Such special lessons can be held every few weeks or even months. However, the instructor should be extremely experienced if he is to competently conduct such lessons and field questions from the more demanding audience. These instructions do not reflect the lesson format at so high a level, and so the instructor himself will have to take the initiative and use all the knowledge at his disposal.

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