Reevaluating the Situation

Under normal circumstances, deliberate exit from lucid dreaming is not the norm. Deliberate exit is commonly caused by certain fears and prejudices. If a practitioner is not able to activate the body using other emergency return techniques, a careful consideration of the possibilities offered by lucid dreaming is recommended. There are many interesting and useful things that can be experienced in lucid dreaming. Why ruin the possibility of great opportunity because of a baseless fear?

To be fair, it must be noted that emergency exit techniques do not always work. As a rule, after a long period of sleep deprivation, or at the beginning of or in the middle of a night’s sleep, the urge to sleep is so great that it is difficult to resist the sleep paralysis phenomenon. In this respect, reevaluating the situation is highly recommended so that a practitioner is able to take advantage of the situation versus suffering by it. Sleep paralysis is easily transmuted into a lucid dream state by means of indirect techniques.

By the way, knowing how to exit paralysis is important not only for practitioners of lucid dreaming, since such paralysis occurs even without lucid dreaming for approximately one-third of the human population at least once in a lifetime. It usually happens before or after sleep.

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