During classroom instruction at the School of Out-of-Body Travel, several key factors are known to produce positive and negative effects on the likelihood of success during individual practice:

Positive Effect on Practice

Negative Effect on Practice

Attentive, thorough study of the course material.

Hasty and inattentive study of course materials.

Consistent work with practical elements.

Inconsistent application of techniques.

Diligent completion of technical elements.

Approximating the techniques outside of recommended guidelines.

A relaxed approach to the subject matter.

A hysterical approach to the matter, “idée fixe”.

Keeping a journal of all initial attempts, followed by recording successful lucid dreaming entrances.

A lack of personal analysis when problems or a lack of success are encountered.

Adhering to the recommended number of daily entrance attempts.

Excessive number of attempts per day.

Regular attempts and practice.

Sporadic practice regimen.

Understanding that the author knows his field well.

“I also know everything I need to and will do as I want". This attitude is good only for those who have a great amount of real practical experience. Reading a lot on the subject or simply having knowledge of it is not experience.

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