Reading text in lucid dreaming may be accompanied by a number of difficulties. First, small print becomes illegible because the effects of hyper-concentration may distort text. This problem is solved by using large-font textual sources of information. For example, the text of a normal book blurs when observed too attentively, but the large font on the cover of a book is easily read since its size is sufficient for rapid reading without detailed scrutiny.

The second problem encountered while reading in lucid dreaming is when text is legible but is completely meaningless in composition, i.e. gibberish. This problem is solved by turning over the pages, looking for a readable message. It is also possible to find another copy or create it anew using the object-finding techniques. The same applies to cases where the text is seen as a set of incomprehensible symbols or signs.

While reading in lucid dreaming, the practitioner should not forget about performing “maintaining” techniques to prevent a foul by becoming too relaxed.

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