Practitioner Clubs

Non-commercial Practitioner Clubs exist under the aegis of the School of Out-of-Body Travel. Every large city has one, and even some small ones do. They are usually kept going thanks to nothing but the pure altruism of their leaders, who keep people informed of the date, time, and place (e.g. a cafe, park, or private apartment) of the next face-to-face meeting. This allows people to not only meet one another and socialize with the like-minded, but also to surface from the virtual reality they are often submerged in (i.e. the Internet). As a rule, such meetings create an atmosphere that’s quite amicable and warm, helping many to make new friends. When bringing a training session to a close, give people the contact information for the Practitioner Club in your city ). Alternatively, you might organize your own Club and meetups, but don’t forget that these events should be non-profit. If you accept anything more than a Coca-Cola or cupcake as payment, you’re no longer running a Club, but are now conducting a different form of educational activity or money-making venture.

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