It is never recommend to practice lucid dreaming state more than 2 or 3 days a week! This is categorically forbidden for novices and is motivated by external factors, in addition to a whole slew of other reasons, mainly psychological. Ideally, over the first months or even years, it’s best to only concentrate on attempts before days off from work, when there’s no need to wake up early or it’s possible to take afternoon naps. Never make any attempts at leaving the body on other days. During them, try to divert yourself from lucid dreaming and busy yourself with matters and other practices far removed from it.

Of course, if lucid dreaming starts to occur spontaneously during such breaks, then there’s no need to run away from it. Take advantage of those opportunities, making use of your entire technique repertoire and practical skill.

Over time, only experienced practitioners will be able to set themselves an ideal schedule that does not affect the quality of their attempts. Some may even do it every day. However, there’s no sense in forcing yourself to that level. It’s simply not possible for the average novice, no matter how well he has picked up on the all the most important aspects of the practice.

Interesting Fact!

Even the School’s beginner seminars take the form of 3-days of lessons with two nights of practice in a row. For a large number of reasons, this is just as effective as if the seminar lasted for an entire 5 days, for example.

If a practitioner has been trying lucid dreaming entrance techniques every day or almost every day, he should take a break for 1 to 2 weeks in order to start doing them on the right schedule – two or three times per week.

You should try to enter lucid dreaming only 2 to 3 days a week, regardless of whether or not your attempts are successful. This should be a simply mandatory rule, so that you don’t suffer from emotional exhaustion or hit a wall with your practice. When correctly following it, you can have many lucid dreaming experiences over a single day, which is why even 2 to 3 days a week is totally sufficient for making constant progress.

Ignoring this rule can lead to quite severe consequences for one’s practice: lucid dreaming entrance will simply not happen at all, and a block in one’s practice may arise due to the lack of success. That block will worsen until complete loss of faith in one’s own abilities or even the phenomenon itself occurs. The only cure is an even longer break during the week, which it is helpful to take periodically anyway, even when one’s practice is successful. To put it bluntly, a lucid dreamr should keep to a certain rhythm and cycle during good times and bad, as does the rest of the world.

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