Since techniques used to enter lucid dreaming are associated with a specific type of mental operation, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions so that external distracters are kept to a minimum. A room should neither be too cold or too hot, nor too bright. Performing techniques at a comfortable temperature in a darkened room or while wearing a sleeping mask are ways to promote unhindered practice.

Interesting Fact!

In bright rooms, wearing a sleeping mask over the eyes can double the success rate of attempts, and also help one to enter a much deeper and longer lucid dreaming.

Interfering noises are often also major distracters and isolation from such noises is necessary to successful practice. It is often sufficient to turn off the phone and close doors and windows. If this does not help, or if it is extremely loud outside the window, one can use standard earmuffs.

It is also helpful to give advance notice to people so that they are not alarmed. It is also preferable that no one is in the bed with the practitioner. Most often, domestic animals interfere with the performance of techniques, which is why they should be fed beforehand and kept out of the room where direct or indirect techniques are practiced.

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