Plan of Action in lucid dreaming

Before entering lucid dreaming, you should clearly outline what you are going to do there immediately after separation. This will increase both the quality of the experience and the likelihood of it occurring. Below is a list of the most interesting (if not the most straightforward) lucid dreaming activities for novices (choose no more than 2 to 3 activities and remember them well):

Look in a mirror (a must for the first lucid dreaming!)

Eat or drink something you like

Visit any tourist attraction

Fly over the Earth

Fly throughout the Universe

Fly to neighbors, friends, and family

Meet a lover

Meet a deceased relative

Meet any celebrity

Take medicine for treatment

Obtain information from lucid dreaming objects

Travel to the past or the future

Walk through a wall

Transmutate into an animal

Drive a sports car

Ride a motorcycle

Breathe underwater

Put your hand inside your body

Feel vibrations

Inhabit two bodies at once

Inhabit another person’s body

Move and set fire to objects just by looking at them

Drink liquor

Make love and reach orgasm

For your first lucid dreaming, be sure to set yourself the goal of making it to a mirror and looking at your reflection. You should specifically program yourself to do this activity, as it will substantially facilitate your first steps in conquering lucid dreaming. You may then complete other items on your plan of action and never return to the mirror again.

If your sensations in lucid dreaming are dull (i.e. poor sight or numbed bodily sensations), try to touch everything around you actively and scrutinize the minute details of objects from up-close. This will allow you to have a more realistic experience. The same activities should be performed in order to maintain lucid dreaming when the first symptoms of a return to the body occur (for example, when everything becomes dim).

Returning to the body is something you needn’t worry about. The state will not last more than several minutes in any case, especially for novices who are little-acquainted with techniques for maintaining lucid dreaming.

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