Phil B.

New York, USA

I woke up at 6 AM today, went to the bathroom, and then lay back down immediately to try to sleep. I usually have difficulty falling asleep, so this time, for the first time, I put in earplugs and wore a facemask. After about an hour, I was still quite awake and running through ideas for my class in my head.

After an hour I wasn’t falling asleep yet, but I was very relaxed physically, and so I tried forced falling asleep. After about 10-15 seconds, I felt a strange dislocation and numbness settle over my body (M.R.: no separation), which felt unusual. I immediately tried listening in, and heard a very loud ringing sound, like fire alarms going off. I listened to it and it got louder and then seemed to peak. It was very loud (M.R.: no separation), but nothing else was happening and so I switched to observing images for a few seconds. Still nothing. The ringing got even quieter, and so I went back to listening in. It got louder again, and again it seemed to peak.

Then, I realized that it was so loud that I was probably already in lucid dreaming but didn’t realize it. I tried rolling over with a sudden jerk, and BAM! I was out of bed, standing on the floor! I can’t describe how unexpected this was: I had no idea what rolling out would feel like, and it turned out to be kind of like climbing out of a pool, about that much resistance. Michael’s advice to not worry and just DO IT was right on the money.

I was very excited, but I remembered the SOBT advice to immediately deepen. Everything was grey and I felt nothing, heard nothing, saw only grey silhouettes around me. I started rubbing my hands together firmly in front of my face and they slowly came into view, along with everything else in my room. I started peering at my hands and fingers, and my vision became crystal clear. My room came into perfect lifelike focus. I walked around my room peering and palpating everything I could find. Since it was my first time in lucid dreaming, I examined all the random objects lying around on my shelves and table and they all appeared perfectly real, even the writing on them (I didn’t stop to try to read the individual words because I didn’t want a foul). I continuously reminded myself that I was phasing, so as not to lose consciousness and fall asleep (M.R.: no plan of action).

After spending about a minute looking at everything and being amazed by the simulacrum of reality, I decided to try to do something with the experience. I didn’t have any plans beforehand because I was not really expecting success, but I decided on the spur of the moment to try flying. I looked up at my ceiling, then down at my feet, took a deep breath and tried to levitate while looking at my feet. They slowly rose a few inches off the floor, and as I exhaled they went back down. Perfectly controlled, as I expected. I tried again, with another deep breath and this time a jump, and I launched myself through my ceiling like superman, fists extended. I didn’t want to pass through my ceiling insubstantially, I wanted to blast out, and I did, through about 10 floors of brick and plaster which exploded in front of me like a multistory pratfall in reverse.

Then I was out, above my house. I was not in my neighborhood, but in some kind of huge cave that housed an entire city. I didn’t recognize anything and didn’t have any plans of where to go, so I just flew around a little bit and eventually zoomed in on a window where some "friend" of mine (I don’t know who it was, they were just labeled "friend" in my dream consciousness") was watching a movie on television. At this point, since I didn’t have anything to do, and I was just hovering outside the window with a pause in my actions, I fouled and woke up in bed.

I hadn’t moved and I wanted to immediately try to enter lucid dreaming again, but I was just too excited and I felt my physical body very clearly. I decided to get up and record my experience, and when I stood up it confirmed that I was completely awake and not the least groggy or relaxed since I was able to turn on my computer and write clearly and lucidly right away.

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