Periodic Adjustment of the State

This is used in-between any techniques or in-between full cycles of techniques. It is also called the Dnepropetrovsk method. In this case, the idea is that 3 to 5 seconds of credibly imitating falling asleep can not only conjure lucid dreaming all on its own, but also cause a kind of throwback to a more transitional state, thus increasing the effectiveness of all subsequent actions. Each time before performing techniques or full cycles of techniques, the practitioner simply throws himself back into a sleepier state via forced falling asleep in order to increase their effectiveness. Thus, in correctly implementing forced falling asleep, a situation occurs in which all actions are performed as if immediately upon awakening, when odds of success are highest.

Interesting Fact!

At an experimental seminar held August 21-23, 2009 in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), 40 participants were asked to perform mandatory cycles of all the indirect techniques together with the technique of forced falling asleep. The success rate for the whole group reached 75% after only two nights, not counting those participants who made no attempts at all. This was the most successful seminar into 2011, and the system first tested out there took on the name "The Dnepropetrovsk Method”.

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