People Showing Up Spontaneously

An instructor who holds serious and regular training sessions on out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming can count on a substantial stream of people who turn up "out of nowhere". A substantial portion of the group will turn up on its own without any advertisement or effort on your part or that of your helpers. Meanwhile, the more effort you put in and the more you advertise, the sooner this spontaneity will start. However, there’s no guarantee of this, as people showing up spontaneously is a kind of seal of quality for your seminars and level of teaching.

Accordingly, quality of instruction is in large part what will make it all happen. This is precisely why the instructor should devote time and energy to maintaining a positive image, as well as keep seminar participants as happy as possible. This includes not only giving interesting and effective training sessions, but also talking with students after the lessons. Make every effort to get them to practice as effectively as possible on their own after personal training sessions with you. It’s in your interest, too. If everything is done correctly, people will talk about you and recommend your lessons to their friends – and that’s whether you like it or not. For example, a superbly-run seminar alone can lead to half the tickets for the next seminar being sold without any effort on your part because the students will enthusiastically tell everybody about you, especially for the first week afterwards. This effect will gradually snowball over time and can even allow you to bring your advertising activities to a minimum.

If you hold training sessions for the sole purpose of constantly recruiting new people and then getting them out of your hair as quickly as possible, you’re going to get to spend tons of time and energy on recruitment. Bad teaching not only cancels out any positive "word-of-mouth" effect, but will also work against you. For example, if someone is planning to come to you for a training session, others might simply dissuade him. As a result, there is no point in chasing after purely material gain without taking an interest in the field itself and the people you work with. It will be obvious to the audience if you’re only interested in their money, and it will come back to bite you sooner or later.

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