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In a few days you’ll be able to download(free) or order printed version of the book ‘Teaching Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming’ on our web site.
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Doc The Phase Distribution

The full TV version of the documentary film THE PHASE has been created! We’re searching for TV outlets for its distribution. For all requests

We’ve got about a million views via web in a few months for the short version of THE PHASE, that’s a very high result for documentaries ( – 7 languages)

the PHASE 9-2

THE PHASE. 53 minutes, English, FullHD, 2013

“It’s an astounding coincidence: in the absolute majority of accounts of the supernatural, be they biblical miracles or paranormal phenomena, the protagonist had been falling asleep or waking up at the crucial moment. As a result, there is something out there that has forever altered human history and culture — something we know nothing about.

What are they keeping from us? Who stunted human development and who has something to gain from that? What’s hidden inside each and every one of us — and what does it hold for the future?”

For all distribution requests of THE PHASE contact at


Make the Phase Wider

What else the phase may encompass? Let’s make it wider!

For example, besides the list, we can explain by the phase some biblical miracles and incubus (sexual encounters on awakening/falling asleep

phase etc 800-500

What’s your suggestion and where else have you seen traces of the phase(switched off body + switched on mind)?


Phaser’s Day

I wonder why we still don’t have Phaser’s Day? A day that every year could unite all practitioners of lucid dreaming, out-of-body experience, astral projection etc.


I think the December solstice (December 21 or 22) is the best choice: it’s neutral and it gives us the longest night during a year for practicing lucid dreams or OBE (we unite it by term ‘the Phase’). Considering how enormous impact the phase has had on all our history and culture, everybody should be aware about Phaser’s Day.

Please, poll! If you think another day is more appropriate, write it in comments to discuss.

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