Order of Actions to Take

And so, friend, you’ve decided to change your world, and come to know its true expanse and possibilities. To that end, you’ll need to know the order of actions to take. Let me state upfront that I’m not proposing anything difficult or laborious. Everything is simple enough, especially when done correctly and exactly.

First, you should try to leave your body with your conscious awareness using indirect techniques. Concentrate all of your initial efforts on reading their descriptions and attempt them again and again until they work. Do not try direct techniques under any circumstances.

Second, as soon as you are able to leave your body, immediately learn the techniques for deepening and maintaining the astral plane. You will only need to make several attempts before you have mastered these them.

Third, upon having learned to deepen and stay in the astral plane, master the techniques for translocation and finding objects. This may take a little more time to learn than deepening or maintaining the astral plane.

Fourth, after having mastered all of the necessary skills, you can then create and implement a personal plan of action for yourself that takes the practical applications of the phenomenon into account.

Fifth, once astral travel entry becomes stable and occurs at least twice a week, you can also occasionally try direct techniques. But don’t do them in a way that overlaps with indirect techniques – that is, don’t perform both direct and indirect techniques on the same day.

Of course, this proscribed order of actions to be taken is aimed at achieving total mastery, which is possible only upon consistent practice and application of the phenomenon. Meanwhile, the emotional satisfaction will come much sooner. If you have never had an astral projection experience before, then even a first, clumsy experience will become a starting point on your road to development, and strike at the core of your conscious awareness.

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